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Need For Speed: Enhance Your Speed Training

Throughout my athletic career, from youth to collegiate, I always strived to be the fast individual. You could say I had the need for speed ...
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Why Can’t the Ball Go Straight? Perfect Your Golf Swing

In golf, we have that one magical swing that hooks us to the game for life. It gets you fired up, and you want to ...
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The Advantage Mindset: Inspiration vs. Motivation

Are you inspired, or are you motivated? These two words may sound similar, but there is actually a big difference between them. Inspiration triggers you ...
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Nutrition Tip of the Day: Quality vs Quantity

When you start thinking about food and nutrition, I want you to stop counting calories or thinking that you need to try getting on the ...
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Assess or Guess? Complete Your Performance Session

When you start training, do you guess what to do, or do you make an intelligent decision? Think for a moment- when you step into ...
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Development of Youth Athletes

Everyone wants their kid to be the next Tiger Woods, Katie Ledecky, or LeBron James, but do you understand what phases are necessary in the ...
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