Shift Your Mentality: Find Your Metric

July 2, 2018
Parker Poore

Throughout my life as an athlete and a professional in the human performance field, one thing sits deep in my daily thought process– mentality. At the end of the day, how we think about our goals and the steps we need to take plays a major role in whether or not we have success. A positive mentality can be the engine that drives us during doubt. Without it, we may be more likely to yank on the emergency brake and stop dead in our tracks. A strong mentality extends far outside the gym or field of sport, such as an exam or family decisions. Many times we see people or scenarios when all the tools and necessities are there except one thing– yep, the mentality. I ask you the important question– what’s your metric? I encourage you to find your metric.

Drop Comparison Metrics

Do you know what a metric is? Let’s shed some clarity on this. When I say your “metric,” I mean what you base yourself on and what motivates you. Do you constantly compare yourself to others, or do you recognize your individual needs and appreciate your personal progress? This concept is something I feel is the key to reaching our goals. Have you ever entered a gym and seen some hulk-like guy working out next to you? For someone just starting out, he can be pretty scary, right? In a scenario aside of exercise, let’s say you are learning new material and someone learning the same stuff is just cruising through it. Is this person smarter than you? Similarly, are you less likely to reach your fitness goal with a gym giant next to you? I hope you are affirming to yourself confidently, “No!”

Define Your Metric

As humans, we constantly compare ourselves. Am I as fit? Do I look as pretty? Am I as smart? While this questioning is natural, the problem with this logic is that you are always left wanting more. You may feel a lack of accomplishment because you are comparing yourself to others, or you are using a metric that is not fitting for you. When you find yourself in that scenario, you must shift your mentality. Instead of looking at the person next to you over 3 months of training or whatever challenge you embark on, look at yourself. Did you assess yourself before starting? Do you see progress when you stick with your plan? Do you feel better? Maybe clothes are fitting differently.

Boost Your Mentality

I encourage you not to get caught up in thinking you had unsuccessful results based on someone else’s results. The more you start to look at how your individual growth, the happier you will be because now you are your only competitor. Your success is solely based on you, so don’t let someone else dictate whether or not you accomplish your goals. Find your metric, stay focused, put yourself in the best environment for you personally, and surprise yourself with what you can do.

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Parker Poore

Parker joins the Advantage team all the way from the mountains of Colorado. His passion is enabling people to perform at their highest level, whether that be in sport or restoring movement, in order to experience the best quality of life possible. To pursue this mission, he graduated with his degree in Exercise Science, a minor in nutrition, and an emphasis in strength and conditioning from Lindenwood University. He has gathered a wide base of experience in the field of human performance while working with collegiate athletes, interning for multiple NHL organizations, working at EXOS, and also influencing many youth athletes at Bridgton Academy Prep School. Parker himself grew up playing hockey and continued on to be a collegiate athlete. Beyond his athletic career, he emphasized growing as professional during his education as much as possible. His dedication and diligence resulted in receiving the Health Promotion and Programing Award, which is presented annually to the student who shows the most passion and professionalism in the field of exercise science of the entire student body. One of Parker’s evident training philosophies is his emphasis on fundamentals; if the fundamentals are not met, then growth is not possible. With this mentality, he works hard to ensure that all athletes, members, and clients understand how every human body is built, how each individual is unique, and what everyone needs to learn in order to progress.

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