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A Spectacular Day at the Advantage Training Speed & Agility Camp

Power, motivation and skill were the key concepts at the 2016 Advantage Training Speed and Agility Camp, sponsored by Nike and Poarch Creek Indians. It ...
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Sweet Spot

We’re friends, right? I’d like to create a judgement-free zone here. I must confess something. Ok, great, deep breath, here goes: I am a nutritionist ...
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Build a Healthy Kitchen

The scaffolding that supports better decisions must be erected long before you’re faced with temptation. If you’ve been relying on your willpower to make you ...
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The Amazing Avocado

Few healthy foods are as rich, creamy and buttery as the avocado. The avocado is technically a fruit but usually classified as a vegetable in ...
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Happy Heart = Healthy Heart

You can achieve a tighter tummy! Washboard abs may seem like a far-away goal, but there are some healthy habits that you can start building ...
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Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

I love breakfast! I actually don’t, but I do love what it does for me. Here’s the thing: if I get eat something healthy first ...
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